How to Sign-up for USA Swim Team (Fall 2020)

  • Select Group and Billing

    Use ACTIVE registration link from Tyler to being sign up process.  This may require you to create an Active Account if you have never used their software.

    • Select group and time.  You’ll have to click once to open an drop down menu and a second time to see the billing schedule.
    • Select the billing schedule (or waitlist).  There is only one billing schedule for each group.
    • Click Continue
  • Fill out Parent and Swimmer information

    Fill out parent and swimmer information.  There is an option to add another parent or guardian.

  • Fill out USA Swimming Registration

    • If this is your first time swimming in the fall or winter months the select NEW.
    • If you have previously been on Opelika Swim Team or any other USA Swimming Team select RENEW.
    • Fill out additional information for USA Swimming, especially if you have swam with a previous team. Our “LSC Code” is Southeastern – SE.
  • Additional Purchases

    • Unless otherwise instructed only select “year-round”, “season 1”, or “flex” memberships.  An explanation of each registration can be found HERE.
    • The USA Registration fee price includes both the USA Dues and dues that go to our local swim committee.  The 12.00 (10.00 for flex registration) is used to help run and sanction local competitions and programs.
    • The third purchases options is for swimmers transferring from one USA Club to another.  If you are transferring within the Southeastern LSC, the fee is 5.00.  If you are transferring from outside the LSC (ex: you moved her from Texas) the fee is 10.00.
  • Waivers

    There are three waivers that you need to agree to.

    • The first is an agreement with ACTIVE for using the software
    • The second is a liability wavier with the City of Opelika.
    • The third is an acknowledgment of USA Swimming Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policy

    Click the box next to each agreement and type name into Electronic Signature box.

    • Click Contiune
  • Check - Out

    *** If you have more than one child to register, this is where you need to select “Add Another Registration“.  If you check out first, and then try to add a registration, you will not be eligible for the multi-family member discount ***

    Your order details are broken down by:

    1. The first months cost of practice dues.
    2. The USA Swimming registration fees.
    3. Any other additional purchases like transfer fees
    4. Your total also includes a processing fee

    Below your total you will also see an option to “pay current order fully” or “pay minimum ammount”.  The first monthly payment is due on August 10th and then on the first of the month after that.  If you select “pay minimum ammount” then you will not be charged billed until August 10th.

    Next you will see an option for automatic or manual payments.  If you select manual payments then you can pay by bring a check to coach Tyler by the first of each month.  Automatic payments are done by direct charge and you will receive a notice several days in advance of the charge.

    Finally, we pay for all our meets through the online system so you will be required to have a payment method on file.  When you are done, click COMPLETE and your order will be processed.  A confirmation / informational email will be sent to you as well.