Our Mission

Our goal and mission at the Opelika Swim School is to safely bring people to know and love being around varying bodies of water.  Whether you are looking for infant (parent & baby classes), individual, adult, or group lessons; we want to make sure you have an educational and positive experience with us.

It is our belief that learning to swim is not a one time event or session.  Becoming comfortable in the water, at all ages, takes time and constant development.  This is why for the majority of the year the lessons at the Opelika Swim School will be offered as a monthly program.  Each new student in the group lesson program will be required to sign up for an evaluation first (Infant, Indivudal, and Adult lessons will not require evaluations).  This way can properly place them within the curriculum.  Progress will be recorded each month, and at the end of the month a student will either advance to the next level or be recommended to stay their current level.

No two students are the same – some will advance faster than others – and it might take several sessions to move from one level to the next.  Our goal is for students to acquire a full understanding of the skills in each level and not the bare minimum.

Water safety and the ability to swim is a life long skill.  We look forward to building a great lesson program for the Opelika – Auburn – Lee County areas – and beyond.