• What is Infant Swimming Resource (ISR)?

    Infant Swimming Resource (ISR) is a program that teaches children ages 6m-6yr Self-Rescue ™.  This program provides life-saving skills to children if they were to fall in the water alone. Children 6m-12m learn a rollback to a float and children 12m and up learn a swim-float-swim. The ultimate goal is to give children the skills to get air completely independently.

  • When are Lessons?

    Lessons are taught 1 on 1 and offered 5 days a week (Monday thru Friday).  Each lessons lasts for 10 minutes. It takes about 6 weeks (or 30 lessons) to graduate fully skilled. Lessons are offered all year long.

  • How Much Are Lessons?

    Each student must register with ISR – Registration fee is 105.00

    Weekly Fees: 85.00 for SportsPLEX Members, 95.00 for Non-SportsPLEX Members

  • How do I sign up?

    The first step is to contact the instructor, Molly Ingerson, and set up a lesson time and start date.

    Then, you will get a link to register through the ISR website ($105). Your child’s registration will be reviewed by a team of medical professionals and we will wait for it to be approved. If it is approved, we are good to start lessons.

    Weekly fees are paid at the front desk of the SportsPLEX once lessons start.