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Opelika Swim School 2021

Contact:          Tyler McGill or Justin Perkins

Description:    Learn-to-Swim Lesson Program

Registration Dates:    Registration on

Session 1 Registration opens January 4th

Session 2 Registration opens March 15th

Ages:   4-12

Fee:     160.00 + online registration fee per session (Sessions are 8 weeks long, 2 Lessons per week)

Location:         Opelika SportsPLEX


Winter/Spring Session 2: Monday March 29th – Thursday May 20th

                        **Potential make ups for Session 2 May 24-28**

                        **Make ups are for cancelled classes only, not missed classes**

Day(s) and Times of the week:

Level 1-2:         Monday and Wednesday at 3:30 or 4:30

                                    Tuesday and Thursday at 3:30

Level 2-3:        Monday and Wednesday at 5:30 and 6:30

Level 3-4:        Tuesday and Thursday at 4:30 – 5:30 – and 6:30

Class Size: Class sizes will be limited to 6 per class. 

How to pick your level:

If you are a new student, then we need to pick out the right starting spot.  Below is a list and description of our first four levels.  Where do you feel like your student would best fit? It’s best to pick on the conservative side, we can always move them up if we need to!

Level 1: Water Introduction (Instructor Assisted)– Focus is on finding comfort in the water.  All skills will be performed with the assistance of the instructor.  Skills will be centered on knowing how to get the face wet, blowing bubbles, floating on back, kicking, and submerging underwater.  Swimmers in level one typically have no lesson experience, do not know how to float, and are just getting started!

Level 2: Water Introduction (Working towards independence)– Has much of the same focus as level 1 but working towards doing skills independently.  At the end of level 2 we will begin working on freestyle and backstroke.  Swimmers starting in level two have experience in the water but don’t know how to float on stomach and back on their own, have trouble holding their breath in the water, and do not know how to swim proficient freestyle or backstroke.

Level 3: Increasing time and distance – Swimmer will be able to kick and swim freestyle and backstroke independently for approximately 10 yards as well as acquiring the skill to tread water.  Swimmers stating in level three can float on their own for at least 10 seconds on both stomach and back, with the ability to roll from front to back/back to front.  Swimmers in level three also already know how to jump in pool and return to the wall on their own.

Level 4: Proficient Freestyle, Backstroke, and Kicking.  At the end of level 4, swimmers will be able to swim a full 25-yard lap of freestyle and backstroke, and kick 50 yards with a board.  Swimmers starting in level four have basic freestyle and backstroke arm movements down, can tread water for 10 seconds, and can kick efficiently for approximately 10 yards on a board.

How to sign up for multiple sessions or students:

Option 1: When you reach the end of the registration, prior to check out, click on “add registration”.  This will take you back to the sessions list and you’ll be able to register for another session.

Option 2: After registration you’ll receive a link to your “swim portal”.  This is where you’ll be able to view all of your past orders.  Under “View Programs” you’ll see Opelika Swim School 2021 listed.  In that section you’ll see where you can register athlete.  This will link you back to add another session.

COVID Waiver:

During the registration process you will be required to mark that you have read our COVID-19 participation waiver. We will have hard copies of the wavier at the first lessons that families will be required to sign prior to participation.

Registration Link

Registration opens March 15th for Session 2 of Spring Swim Lessons

If you are having any difficulties signing up contact Tyler McGill at or Justin Perkins at